Feasibility study, tender documents and support activities for the realisation of “Police Force and public prosecutor offices criminal record communication system”

Contracting Party:

  • Contractors: Italian Ministry of Justice – Directorate General for Computerised Information Systems
  • Co-contractors: Ministry of Interior – Polizia di Stato; Italian Ministry of Defence- Arma dei Carabinieri; Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance - Guardia di Finanza; Italian Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry - Corpo Forestale dello Stato; Italian Ministry of Justice - DAP - Corpo di Polizia Penitenziaria.

Period: 2006


The project, launched in its first version in 2004, is currently being used as trial in Naples, Nola and Torre Annunziata public prosecutor’s offices and will be soon used in Milan and Monza public prosecutor’s offices.

The main objective of the project is to facilitate and simplify (in accordance with security requirements) the communication of criminal records from the five national police forces to public prosecutor’s offices by using innovative technologies like Certified Mail, Digital Signature and Encryption.  

Here below main activities carried out during the project are summarised:

  • Analysis and restructuring of service processes relating to the (manual) communication of criminal records;
  • Definition (modeling) of organisational structures involved by service processes (also at Police Forces’ premises);
  • NDR2 system structuring, with the definition of its technical, architectural and security specifications;
  • Definition of change management modalities for the transfer from manual communication to the new computerised system (Certified Mail, Digital Signature, Encryption and document management, etc);
  • Preparation of tender documents for the subsequent contract out of the project;
  • Supply of a specialised support service to the Contractor and co-contractors for project management and governance during the implementation of the project;
  • Supply of a support service during testing of HW, SW and NDR2 system (testing was implemented at Data Centre of Naples Public Prosecutor’s office). This activity aimes at the functional and operational verification of components through the implementation of special operational, performance and security testing.

Currently activities relate to the deployment of the computer system “NDR2” in Milan and Monza Public Prosecutor’s offices.