Feasibility study and project for the upgrading of “SIA” (Anti-immigration information system) for confidential information (classified project)

Contracting Party: Ministry of Interior – Department of Public Security – Directorate General for Immigration and Border Police

Period: 2014


The project aims to identify required interventions to be made on the Information System “SIA” (Anti-immigration Information System) for its security approval for the tretment of confidential information.

Main activities relate to:

  • Analysis of the current situation, to identify:
      • Information systems in use by the Anti-Immigration Section;
      • Procedures involved (prevention of irregular migration flows and law enforcement activities);
      • Identification of stakehoders’ needs (Border Police, General Commands of Arma dei Carabinieri, Guardia di Finanza and Capitaneria di Porto);
      • Identification of confidential information.
  • User Anaylsis and segmentation;
  • Design of the solution and definition of the project implementation;
  • Cost-benefit analysis;
  • Definition of the SIA security approval procedure.