Continuous technical-systems decision support, in information and Telecommunication areas, to the computerisation of Defence

Contracting Party: Italian Ministry of Defence – High Command of Defence– VI department C41 Systems and transformation

Period: 2001 - 2015


Starting from 2001, Fondazione FORMIT has delivered a constant and continuous “Decision Support” service to the High Command of the Italian Military Navy (2001-2003) and the High Command of Defence (starting from 2003), with the involvement, to date, of more than 70 professionals with highly qualified expertise and skills, for a total of over 100.000 person/hours bound by contract (equivalent to over 56 person/years).

Activties aim at supporting the modernisation and upgrading the Defences’s information system in all its ICT aspects (architecture, reorganisation, security, contracts etc.).

Below a synthesis of main activities is listed:

Deliveres to the High Command of Defence – VI Department – C4I Systems and transformation:

  • Technical-operational requirements for ICT projects and programs (more than 30 projects, among them: SISAD, SIPAD, SIDAT, PKI CMD, PKI FF, Ge.I.R.D., S2OC, Mail, Online competitive exams, e-learning etc);
  • Technical-functional address guidelines (use of licence: Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Kaspersky e Sophos, I&AM, Personal Data Governance in SMD sector, etc.)
  • RSS and SecOps (Systems: NATO Secret WAN, MARISECURNET, Message Handling, Integrated communication system for Unità Corvette, RSS SILAD, ectc.);
  • Support to the DII program direction (Preliminary operational requirement DII, Definitive operational requirement DII, Technical specifications, etc.);
  • Definition of reference architectures according to MDAF(JSCS system, Pre-Pilot DII, Reference Architecture Preliminary DII, C2 Joint Systems, CDC, etc.);
  • Definition of security policies (Defence ICT security policy);
  • Organisational analysis (Reorganisation of Defence ICT Logistic process);
  • ICT programs monitoring (SISAD, SIPAD, PKI, BDS, etc.);
  • Support to International activites (BLUEMASSMED project, AMN, EURO NEC, NATO C3 Policy Working Group, etc.)
  • Support activities:
    • Definition of the Defence C4ISTAR architecture;
    • Definition of the Defence “Cyber Defence Capability”;
    • Definition of the Defence migration plan of GPS systems;
    • Work Process and working tools revision for NEC PIANI Office. 

Deliveries to C4 Defence Command:

  • Support to the definition of Defence IP addressing plan;
  • Support to the revision of technical-operational requirements of the Information Support Service;
  • Support to the activties of definition of processes and tools for Configuration and Change Management;
  • Definition of Security policies (DPS of C4D Information support service);
  • Organisational analysis (riorganisation of C4D Data Centre);
  • Definition of Security Policies (DIFENET directive, etc)

Deliveries to SEGREDIFESA – VI Department (ex TELEDIFE):

  • Preparation of technical specifications and tender documents (Cyber Defence Capability, CMD2, DII, Information Protocol Upgrading, SIPAD, SIDPAM, SISPAS, etc.);
  • Support to the evaluation of technical proposals (On-line competitive exams, CMD2, Defence Portal Assistance, Ge.I.R.D., Systm Engineering Assistance C4 Difesa, SIDPAM, SISPAS, etc.).