ReLIGHT – REsearch for LIGHT (lighting and sunlight)

Contracting Party: MIUR - Ministry of Education, University and Research



Project ReLIGHT will fabricate prototypes of organic LEDs (OLEDs) and organic photovoltaic cells (OPVs), employing low cost and low complexity materials and techniques, working with substrates made of glass, and testing and applying plastics and composites.

In order to improve the electro-optical performances of OLEDs, new conductive and/or active materials will be developed; more efficient device architectures will be applied; ad-hoc circuits will be tested to control switch on and driving of light emission from OLEDs.

In photovoltaic devices, to enhance the efficiency, attention will focus on active materials made of nano-materials dispersed in polymers, and also on optical structures. Devices will be fabricated in inert atmosphere, and cells will be tested with rechargeable batteries, developing or completely organic or hybrid organic/inorganic control circuits.

Innovative encapsulation methods will be tested to protect the devices from environment-induced degradation and to extend their lifetime. New process technologies will be studied. They shall be low cost and work also roll-to-roll. They will be employed to fabricate devices and to process substrates.

All the activities will be carried out with particular attention to green aspects, and moreover trying to develop an integrated environmental approach for Organic Electronic, whose regulations are still quite few, also at European level.

This project is in collaboration with ENEA (coordinator) and with BTP – Tecno, FOS, SESMAT and the University of Salerno.