SMARTAGS – SMARt application for organic TAGS

Contracting Party: MIUR - Ministry of Education, University and Research




The Project SMARTAGS aims to study the application of some technologies belonging to the field of Organic Electronic, to make tags for monitoring physicals measures’ variables, used in several types of products and in different situations.

The demonstrators will be original, and can be considered as “forerunner-application”, which will be devoted to the monitoring of physical measurable’ variables on different scenarios, such as:

  • food packaging;
  • industrial processing;
  • quality of the environment;
  • control of crops.

The variety of the assembled systems for the four “forerunner-applications” is based on different materials to be integrated with organic sensitive materials.

All devices under study are wireless. The project will not study the fabrication of completely organic tags, instead it has been decided to pursue the integration of common RFID chips and RFID tags on polyester, with other components provided by materials and technologies of Organic Electronic.

The already available technological tools, to direct print such as materials (inkjet method) to emboss polymers materials to fabricate materials, antennas, etc. (“hot embossing”), will be further empowered to allow industrial partners to access to a development laboratory for preliminary tests and familiarization with fabrication methods of the tags of interest, and start together the analysis of the final cost of the products.

This project is in collaboration with ENEA (coordinator) and with AET, BTP – Tecno, FOS, SESMAT and the University of Salerno.