Feasibility study and tender documents for the realisation of Information System (IT) Disaster Recovery for Arma dei Carabinieri

Contracting Party: General Command of Arma dei Carabinieri

Period: 2003-2005


The intervention is finalised to the design of the information sytem disaster recovery system for Arma dei Carabinieri, with particular reference to the applications centralised at the General Command and the analysis and the formalisation of core service processes.

Synthesis of the intervention:

Analysis of service processes. Analysis of processes involed in the Disaster Recovery system, from the procedural point of view and also in order to identify existing criticalities and to define risk management measures. 

  • Design:
    • Detection of main ICT assets, performed directly in the different Arma dei Carabinieri organisational units (operational rooms, Data Centre at General Command, Data Centre at Chieti CNA – National Administrative Centre, Data Centre at CNSR – National service for selection and recruiting-  in Rome, etc.);
    • Business Impact Analysis for the detection of operational needs of users of the various information systems;
    • Detection of features and functionalities of the current existing network and definition of requested evolution needs for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity;
  • Risk analysis and definiton of business continuity scenarios;
  • Preliminary plan for the realisation of the Disaster Recovery system, through:
    • Optimisation and consolidation of basic HW and SW infrastructure;
    • Optimisation and consolidtion of SW applications involved in the intevention;
    • Definition of interventions on the Arma dei Carabinieri network, with duplication of the “centro stella” and realisation of new interconnections for DR sites;
  • Cost and project realisation time estimate;
  • Change management, through the definition of transition accompanying measures from current situation to the desired one;
  • Preparation of tender documents for the project consignment.