SMART-SEC - Development of a Methodology and Research of Quantitative Data on the Economics of Security and Resilience in Critical Communications and Information Infrastructures – CIIs

Contracting Party: European Commission - DG Information Society and Media

Period: 2009-2010



The project aim at collecting qualitative information and quantitative data on Critical Communications and Information. Infrastructures (CIIs), to develop a methodology in order to understand the socio-economic impacts of CIIs disruptions and to study the economics of security and resilience in CIIs.

Study’s objectives are divided in two main sub-objectives:

  1. Identification and characterization of the economic rationale, incentives and related market drivers.
    This will induce operators to invest and to install measures in order to protect, secure and increase the resilience of CIIs;
  2. Measurement of the direct and indirect economic impact of disruption or reduced performance in CIIs and assessment of general impacts on the society at large.

The study research is focused on Critical Infrastructures three main sectors: Internet, Fixed telephony, Mobile telephony.