Training of highly qualified researchers in the field of techniques and software processes for diagnostic medical imaging - IMAGING

Contracting Party: IMAST - Technological District on Engineering of polymeric and composite Materials and STructures

Period: 2008


IMAGING is an advanced training project, supported by the Ministry of University and Research. It’s objective is to train 15 industrial researchers graduated in technical matters. These industrial researchers will be involved in the development of technologies to meet the market demand for instruments and applications for advanced morphological and functional non invasive imaging diagnostics. The project is developed along three modules:

  • A. Aimed at technological knowledge and competencies on digital imaging and image recognition software;
  • B. Focused on the participation in concrete field experiences in industries or industrial laboratories of R&D of products oriented towards market demand;
  • C. Centred around horizontal themes related to the management of research and development, of finance, administration, marketing and sales, production technologies.