Feasibility study and tender documents for the implementation of a computer protocol system for Justice Adminstration

Contracting Party: Italian Ministry of Justice – Directorate General for Computerised information systems

Period: 2002


The project intends to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of activities carried out by the offices and to streamline and quicken recurring operations in order to increse quality of services provided to citizens and the public image of Justice Adminstration.  The project was implemented, as a trial, in 4 operational units, considered particularly representative and significative: the Minister’s Cabinet, the Office of the Head of Computerised Information systems (now DG – SIA); Rome Court; Palermo Public Prosecutor’s Office.  

Besides the context analysis (obligations, needs, objectives etc.), the study also analysed and modelised service processes, defined a “functional and procedural model” expolitable during the following distribution of the project in other offices belonging to Justic Administration and the designed a preliminary draft of the general technological solution, in terms of possible architecture and functional solutions, and a cost analysis.