Big4H - Big Data for e-Health applications

Contracting party: Campania Region



The aim of the Big4H (Big Data for e-Health applications) project is to industrialize and potentiate a research prototype, named CLINISIC, able at the semantic management (extraction, indexing, research) of data from health reports. The CLINISIC prototype is a result of a previous collaboration of the company SA Documents and the Research Centre CRdC Tecnologie Scarl in the framework of a research project, publicly funded by the Italian Ministry of Research (approval decree n.496/Ric. Del 07/05/2008).

In details, the prototype functionalities are to be engineered through the modern ICT technologies and are extended by integrating other type of information coming from different Big Data sources (e.g. administrative data, societal data, territory data).

It is possible then to feed a knowledge base for the different health organizations (such as public and private hospital, the healthcare system administration) in which information, represented as Linked Open Data, might be opened to external stakeholders (e.g. citizens) and connected also to property ontology, vocabulary and taxonomies  (e.g. diseases, medicines) already used t international level.

Some analytics functions might be available to final users for the decision support (based on data mining algorithms) and for extracting “value” from data, thanks to their semantic value, for:

  • monitoring the hospitalizations;
  • correlating diseases and territory characteristics;
  • revealing the use of specific medicines in correlation to specific diseases;
  • collecting feedback of users on an hospital;
  • collecting suggestions on an optimal clinical activity and therapeutic treatment;
  • collecting support to the diagnosis;

useful for all interested stakeholders (e.g. health system administrations, Health Ministry, local public administration)

The so engineered product might be either an autonomous system for the management of health reports and a product that can complement, with Big Data Analytics, the already used systems by the health organizations.

FORMIT role: responsible for dissemination actions with the website realisation and the design of dissemination materials, with the valorisation of project results during technology brokerage meetings. Support to the coordinator for the administrative and financial management of the project.