EU-wide Digital Once-Only Principle for citizens and businesses: policy options and their impacts

Contracting Party: The European Commission Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content & Technology (DG CONNECT) (with the Framework Contract for the provision of the evaluation and impact assessment services)




The study aims at analyzing the state of the art of administrative procedures for the reuse of data and information submitted by citizens and business to public administration in Europe, and to assess the potential obstacles to the concrete applicability of the Digital Once-Only principle in cross-border situations. An analysis of the procedures for 10 key-functionalities related to cross-border business activities (e.g. Register domicile of business) and for 5 key-functionalities related to cross border citizen activities (e.g. Registering for unemployment benefits) has been carried out in 10 Member States. Policy suggestions aimed at reducing the administrative burden for citizens and businesses concluded the study giving evidence also of their side-effects.