SMIBeC – Security Measures for Inter-Banks e-Communications

Contracting Party: ENISA – European Network Information Security Agency

Period: 2014


The study on “Security Measures for Inter-Banks e-Communications” research project aimed at understanding and comparing the security approaches within finance sector in most of the EU28 Member States. In order to understand the existing ICT security-related obligations and applied approaches in the finance sector, a combined data stock taking approach was elaborated by integrating desk research, semi-structured interviews and online questionnaires.
Preliminary desk research was used to investigate requirements related to ICT security in the Finance sector existing at national level, and to elaborate a database of relevant references also at the international level. Then, a selected group of representatives of National Financial Supervisory Authorities was involved in a round of telephonic interviews in which they had been asked to validate the list of collected documents. Finally, based on the information provided, the FORMIT project staff coherently tailored a brief survey to be used for collecting information from private industry representatives concerning the operator-internal ICT security management approach.
Based on the collected information, the FORMIT project staff identified a common body of ICT security practices in e-communications in the finance sector and provided reccommendations for the definition of EU common guidelines.