The working group on Mobile Health

The working group on Mobile Health has been  established at the Ministry of Health, Directorate General of Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Services.

This group, set up by the Minister Lorenzin, will work for the protection of public health in relation to the spread of the so-called Mobile Health (mHealth) or the practice of medicine supported by mobile devices such as tablet and smartphones through the use of specific applications designed for consumer medical purposes (med apps) such as the collection of clinical data, transmission of health information on the to medical personnel and/or to the same patients etc.

Formit and UNINT support the Directorate General of Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Services in the study of the phenomenon, with a particular focus on the risks posed by the spread of the Apps in the healthcare sector.               

The working group is attended by representatives of the Higher Institute of Health, the AIFA, the Italian Digital Agency, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Authority for the privacy, Universities and main trade associations (Assobiomedica, Farmindustria, the Italian telemedicine Company ) in order to create an institutional and collaborative environment among those who share the need to systematize and better manage the technological evolution applied to the world of health.

The Formit-UNINT working group participates in a cooperative way with all the above mentioned subjects. In particular, our research and analysis activites are constantly addressed to both technical aspects (production) and  to the distribution and use in the field of health.