HiT4Med - Highway and Traffic Engineering: Curricular Reform for Mediterranean Area

Contracting Party: EACEA (Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency)

Period: 2013-2016



The project main aim is to design, develop and implement a new curriculum programme in Highway and Traffic Engineering in a joint effort between EU and PC Mediterranean Universities in line with Bologna requirements.

Master contents will provide qualified professional resources capable of sustaining and managing the huge effort of road infrastructure development. Students will learn new and advanced tools for highway design, traffic management, and road safety improvement. Skills for application of the recent EU Directive 2008/96/EC for road infrastructure safety management will be developed. A modern, intensive and, probably, unique worldwide until now, Highway and Traffic Engineering course material will be developed, which will be available from the corresponding M.Sc. Curricula of the several PC universities involved in the project. HiT4Med graduates  will be fully acquainted with all contemporary issues of Highway and Traffic Engineering, in which the world community of researchers and practitioners are currently involved and are practicing. HiT4Med graduates will be in position to best serve the Southern Neighbouring Area in developing a modern, safe and efficient road network in the years to come for the benefit and profit of the Mediterranean people.

The project will valorise the specific assets of the Mediterranean culture, strengthening and developing the network of relations between universities – schools of engineering – research laboratories – companies in the Mediterranean and providing support for innovation. Dissemination activities will keep aware all stakeholders concerning the realisation of a Master on HiT and will foster its sustainability.