Feasibility Study aimed to dismiss the mainframe platform through software application and database re-hosting or legacy software re-engineering into “industry standard” system architectures

Contracting Party: INPS

Period: 2017 - 2018


The project aims to identify a technical solution to dismiss in a certain period and through sustainable means the INPS mainframe platform, forecasting the re-hosting of software applications and database currently installed on the mainframe platform.

The project will accomplish the realization of:

  • an Assessment document, considering and describing the infrastructure and application components of INPS information system, to identify the ones interested by the required service. The assessment will consider component management costs too;
  • a subsequent Feasibility Study based on the precedent study to identify the best solutions for the migration of the range of applications and of the database from the mainframe platform to the standard environment, ensuring or upgrading the reliability, the quality and the safety of the offered services.