Approach and interconnection – Specialised training service for Police Force members and regional security operators Objective 1

Contracting Party: Italian Ministry of Interior

Period: 2005

The main objective of the project “Approach and interconnection” is to activate a changing cultural process able to consolidate in medium-long term in Objective 1 regional provinces, a culture based on intervention and preparation, fitted to territorial criticalities and aiming at taking into account the development of the quality level of security.

To reach such objective the project measures the achievement of a set of results, considered essential by the project:

  • Work experience sharing (through Project Work);
  • Motivations leading project work participants (involvement, class mood etc.).

Such results will be needed to activate a growth process which grounds the project, aiming at enhancing the cultural dimension of security operators thanks to the development of communication skills so that security culture can be made “real” and “perceived”.

The training project “Approach ed Interconnection” is dedicated to 5.000 partecipants selected among:

  • Polizia di Stato;
  • Arma dei Carabinieri;
  • Guardia di Finanza;
  • Polizia Penitenziaria;
  • Corpo Forestale dello Stato
  • Prefecture managers and staff;
  • Capitanerie di Porto - Guardia Costiera;
  • Vigili del Fuoco.