Main interventions for Ministry of Justice

Contracting Party: Ministero della Giustizia – Direzione Generale per i Sistemi Informativi Automatizzati


Since 1995, Fondazione FORMIT has been committed to support the development of Ministry of Justice and of its different organisational sections.
The majority of interventions (over 100) have been aimed at the elaboration of feasibility studies and at the preparation of tender documents for the implementation (or upgrading) of complex information systems, both at central and peripheral levels (judicial offices).


Main organisational sections recipients of interventions:

  • Minister Cabinet;
  • Penitentiary Administration Department;
  • Department of Underage Justice;
  • Diretorate General for Computerised Information Systems;
  • National antimafia Direction (DNA);
  • Central Court Records;
  • Supreme Court of Appeal;
  • Milan, Monza, Naples, Nola, Torre Annunziata Public Prosecutor’s offices.


Main interventions:

  • Feasibility studies (project, cost analysis, risk analysis etc.), tender documents:
    • Implementation of the new informative system at the Central Court Records;
    • Implementation of the SIGMA project (Underage Justice Information System);  
    • Implementation of a system of an IT protocol for the Justice Administration;
    • Implementation of a intranet support System for the Public Relation Office of Genova Judicial Offices; 
    • Computerisation of the Social Services Centres for Adults of the Penitentiary Administration Department;
    • Upgrading of the information system of the Penitentiary Administration Department;
    • Migration at Supreme Court of Appeal (Data Centre) from Italgiure-Find system towards open architectures;
    • Implementation of a centre for the erogation of services in support of SIDDA-SIDNA system;
    • Computerisation of Real estate executive procedures;
    • Computerisation of Securities executive procedures;
    • Implementation of an Information system for application cooperation;
    • Implementation of a System for common services online (Sistema di Servizi Comuni di Rete);
    • Computerisation of centralised services and procedures.


  • Security:
    • Implementation of a new information system for the Central Court Records.


Organisational interventions:

    • Definition of an organisational and functional model of the “Centro di Gestione del Dominio Giustizia”;
    • Definition of an organisational model supporting the management of security and of the network information system in the “Dominio Giustizia”.


  • Monitoring interventions/ Project management:
    • Monitoring the implementation of functionalities of the SIT.MP Information System of preventive measures;
    • Monitoring of the project “Information System of preventive measures” – SIT. MP;
    • Monitoring of the project for the implementation of the new Information System for the Central Courts Records;
    • Monitoring of the project “Migration from Italgiure-Find system to open architerctures”.


  • Analysis and benchmarking:
    • Evaluation of the “Easy-Find” interface of the Supreme Court of Appel Centre of data elaboration;
    • Benchmarking for the detection of a System & Network Management IT environment for the erogation of interoperability services (Lotto II-RUPA) for the Dominio Giustizia.


  • Training:
    • Design and implementation of an “Employees Online training portal”.