e-Signature – Study on the supply side of EU e-signature market

Contracting Party: European Commission - DG Information Society and Media

Period: 2011-2012



Main objective of the “Study on the supply side of EU e-signature market” is to collect and analyse information on the e-Signature market in the EU, with particular attention to the supply side. In detail, the research carried out during the study aims:

  • To individuate the main characteristics of the EU e-Signature market actors;
  • To define the characteristics of products and services on the EU e-Signature market;
  • To provide an overview on the e-Signature demand side in Europe;
  • To provide recommendations in order to have a clear picture of the e-Signature market opportunities in Europe.

Key element for the characterisation of the European e-Signature market has been the harmonisation of the existing data and an appropriate collection of new information both on the supply and on the demand side, focusing on specific features at the national level (in particular Finland, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Romania and Spain).

The study is focused on the supply-side of EU e-Signature market in order to support the European Commission in the elaboration of the impact assessment required to evaluate the revision of the e-Signature Directive 1999/93/EC.

Link to the final report