COIM-Best - Coordination Improvement by Best Practices

Contracting Party: European Commission – DG Justice Freedom and Security




The increasing threat generated by the terrorist attacks that in the latest years have hit the European Countries and citizens, and the consequent need to respond with an efficient and effective management of the consequence of such acts, demand the coordination of the interested actors at the European Level.

To this aim, the general objective of the COIM-Best project is to promoting joint exercises and practical scenarios. By performing an analysis of the management of relevant events in the recent past and evaluating previous joint exercises in the management of terrorist attacks, best practices and the lessons to be learned will be identified and a model of coordination will be defined. Addressing relevant issues in the joint management of terrorist events the model will allow to elaborate a manual that will be useful to design and prepare exercises and scenarios for practical coordination and training activities among involved actors. The results of the project will serve as a basis for the development of cooperation and coordination activities among actors in the security and emergency management programmes.