CUDIMHA – Curriculum Development: An Innovative Master in History and Archaeology

Contracting Party: EACEA (Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency)

Period: 2018-2021



CUDIMHA intends to address Tunisian’s needs of modernisation and internationalisation of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) by developing an innovative 2-year Master in History and Archaeology providing labour market-oriented skills for the target audience holding Bachelor’s degree in the Humanities field. In particular, CUDIMHA aims at fostering innovative teaching, learning approaches and methodologies through the delivery of blended teaching units combining in presence and on-line courses, tutored projects on the field, traineeships, experience abroad keeping the focus on new contents and ICT tools use.

The project targets objectives dealing with:

  1. internationalisation and modernisation of HEIs History and Archaeology curriculum fostering innovative teaching/learning approaches;
  2. better alignment of students' skills to labour market requirements;
  3. sharing of best practices and knowledge transfer;
  4. enhancing cooperation between Tunisian and EU universities, and also at national scale among Tunisian universities and other relevant stakeholders: some of them appearing in the project as Associated partners;
  5. addressing gender inequality issues in the education and participation on the labour market;
  6. raising awareness among project stakeholders regarding the cultural heritage in Tunisia.

ImageThese objectives will be realized in close collaboration with Tunisian public authorities, encouraging the development of new contents, the use of ICT tools, experience abroad for Tunisian students and staff, involving students, academic and administrative staff people, civil servants representing Tunisian authorities.

The project is led by Università degli studi del Molise (UNIMOL) and conducted together with FORMIT - Italy, Masarykova univerzita - Czech Republic, Sfax University, Carthage University, Universite de Gabes, University of Monastir - all from Tunisia, Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma – Italy, Universidad de Alicante – Spain.