IUCLAND – International University Cooperation on Land Protection in European-Asiatic Countries

Contracting Party: EACEA (Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency)

Period: 2015-2018

URL: www.iucland.eu


The aim of IUCLAND is to foster Universities international cooperation on the thematic of Land Degradation in order to achieve a mutual improvement in education, research and outreach capabilities in this field. To this end, IUCLAND intends to build on currently expressed needs and competences in the field, to structure a tailored educational pattern that will involve both Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and all potential stakeholders (e.g. farmers’ association). In particular, operative objectives of the project are:

  • to establish a structured cooperation for scientific research and knowledge transfer among the involved HEIs;
  • to implement summer schools and workshops providing participant with an overview of the impact that human activities have on the landscape, of sustainable resources and of global trends that impact the land quality of present and future generations;
  • to train present and future generations of academics as to be able to produce innovation in the framework of land degradation;
  • to exchange experiences and best practices related to educational programs.

These objectives will be realized also through short-term mobility of teachers, students, administrative staff and technician with the aim of sharing educational programs, quality assurance procedures, teaching materials, and to improve the latter with input from society in terms of required skills and jobs in environmental topics.

IUCLAND is expected to have a consistent impact in terms of international cooperation as it will allow for the interaction among European partners (from Italy, Slovakia and Croatia) and Central (Kyrgystan and Kazakhstan) and Far-East Asia (People’s Republic of China) ones.