EUCONCIP – European Cooperation Network on Critical Infrastructure Protection

Contracting Party: European Commission -  Directorate General Home Affairs

Period: 2014-2016



EUCONCIP intends to set the ground for a European network between critical infrastructure protection stakeholders in order to strengthen cross-country and cross-sector cooperation. Given the wide range of possible beneficiaries, the EUCONCIP network aims at fostering knowledge exchange between CIP experts/researchers and CI operators and organisations. In particular, the main objective of the project is to establish a formal network for individuals, organisations, governmental bodies, private organisations involved in the CIP field and allow them to benefit from the joint activities and information sharing tools set up during the project, namely:
  • two EUCONCIP conferences: the first one to present the project and the other one to describe the evolution that network undertakes after the end of the project taking advantage of the 24-month cooperation experience.
  • training workshop organized to foster exchange of knowledge and best practices and create a shared know-how among participants.
  • online training workshops provided through a dedicated e-learning platform
  • working groups to study on specific topics and to discuss laws and policies at European and national levels, and
  • a website to provide information, documents and material and a newsletter service and to bring stakeholders up to date on events and activities organized by the EUCONCIP network and in general related to the CIP domain.