Fontana S., Bisogni F., Errico B., Faretra A., Bausi M. (2023) "Impact assessment of the project Italia Login - La Casa del Cittadino"

"Italia Login - La Casa del Cittadino" is a project run by the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID), funded under the Italian National Operational Plan (PON) "Governance and Institutional Capacity 2014-2020". It involved around 22,000 entities including central and local public administrations, carrying out over 30 interventions including new digital services, adjustments in terms of better accessibility, usability and interoperability of services, platforms and training courses.

Fondazione FORMIT was appointed to be the independent evaluator responsible for the development of the project's impact assessment. The objective of the assessment was to represent the results achieved by the project according to the Better Regulation methodological framework of the European Commission. As part of the assessment, Fondazione FORMIT carried out a survey involving more than 800 central and local public administrations and 10 case studies. 

The impact assessment is available in Italian at the following link: