Call for good practices on consumer protection - How public local and regional authorities are acting for consumer protection

Ricerca di candidature di buone pratiche per la tutela dei consumatori – Iniziative di tutela dei consumatori promosse da autorità locali e regionali

In some EU28 countries, consumer policies and practices are implemented at the sub-national level. However, there is little knowledge about the positive role European local and regional authorities (LRAs) have in this policy domain. For this reason, the European Committee of the Regions commissioned to its contractor Progress Consulting S.r.l. ( a study to investigate the implementation of the consumer protection policy at the local and regional level. Fondazione FORMIT ( supports the implementation and dissemination of the online call for good practices on consumer protection.

The call for good practices will close on Monday 13 August 2018.


To candidate good practices:

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Download the flyer of the call GoodPractice4Consumers