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The International Security Management Knowledge Alliance (ISM-KA) aims at creating sustainable and concrete resources and structures to foster international security collaborations.

Deliverables of ISM-KA will be a Horizon Scanning Tool for security threats/development, an exchange/knowledge platform for public and private security experts (Security Multilogue Platform) and the creation of a multi-disciplinary, sectoral based accredited Master Programme, including security issues related MOOC’s for an outreach to the wider public.

Guiding principles are multi-stakeholder involvement, evidence-based management, co-creation, international perspective and policy-practice alignment. The main purpose is to establish an international learning, teaching and knowledge-sharing environment, which contributes to the development and professionalization of leadership, innovation and operational proficiency in the field of international safety and security.


ISMKA Priciple 

The expected outcomes, results and outputs of the ISM-KA Project are designed to address the following 5 needs:

  1. Increased multi-stakeholder collaboration
  2. Increased co-creation
  3. Shift to evidence-based management
  4. Better alignment between policy & practice
  5. International perspective

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The ISM-KA aims at providing platforms, tools and methods to address European security challenges in a holistic and knowledge driven manner. A Horizon Scanning Tool will be developed to map international security challenges in an ongoing process and to assure the long-term sustainability of the ISM-KA. The ISM-KA will develop a program to educate and train current and next generation of decision makers in the international arena of safety and security. 

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The consortium consists of partners from higher education, private industry, law enforcement, municipalities, and NGO’s. The partners have extensive expertise in the design and implementation of training programs in the field of international safety and security working with and employing safety and security professionals from the operational to the strategic level. An advisory board consisting of core players in the security arena ensures the quality, practical relevance and wide dissemination of activities.

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