FORMIT - Fondazione per la Ricerca sulla Migrazione e sulla Integrazione delle Tecnologie - is a not-for-profit private law Foundation established in 1985 and awarded legal status by the Minister of University and Technological Research in 1991. It has been awarded consultative status by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations in 2004 on matters related to technological deployment. It is member of the IPSN, European Information Policy Support Network, and the ETAN, European Technology Assessment Network, and brings in this proposal its experience of over 20 years dealing with Technology Migration and Integration.

Formit has been working at international level since its establishment. Its scope of activity is not limited to Europe, but has a global nature due to the activities in cooperation with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations in matters related to research and innovation for socioeconomic development initiatives and policies.

The Formit Foundation concentrates its activities of consultancy, study, scientific and economic research on technologies and in their migration and transfer, establishing itself as a connecting link between those producing research and innovation and those who derive benefits from it.

Formit operates at national and international levels through its offices in Italy, and Brussels on behalf of:

  • State Administrations, Governing and Ministerial Bodies, Local Entities;
  • Universities, Scientific Research Institutes, both national and international;
  • Firms dealing with the production and the exploitation of technological innovation;
  • Supranational organizations for the definition of trends in the development of technologies and their utility.

One of Formit’s core areas of activity is research and analysis concerning policies, programmes and activities in Science and Technology, and in particular in Research and Development and Innovation.

In this area, Formit carries out studies at national and international level to evaluate and assess the setup and outputs of R&D and innovation activities. For this purpose Formit has established and refined quantitative and qualitative methodologies to measure activities, effects and impacts at

  • Micro level, to measure impacts and outcomes of projects by means of advanced qualitative techniques and deploying appropriate systems of indicators and classification;
  • Meso level, to apply aggregation and clustering techniques for the measurement and assessment of impacts at sectorial or territorial area and taking account of specific socioeconomic and industrial elements;

Macro level, performing advanced econometric modelling to construct cause-effect relationships on the aggregate data on economic, social, technological phenomena.