CBRN Hazard Management

Contracting Party: European Defence Agency (Specific Contract N°4 - 21.RTI.SC.581)

Period: 2022-2023

This project, composed by a large Consortium coordinated by UniversitĂ  degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata, and with a duration of 18 months, aims at proposing a design and step-by-step development roadmap of components for CBRN Hazard Management in order to improve the current capabilities in the field of individual, collective and equipment protection against CBRN agents as well as management of the hazard.

This aims at supporting to achieve the most effective preparation, which can in turn reduce the potential impact of CBRN attacks. Moreover, should a CBRN scenario occur, the results of the research phase should allow for the recovery phase to be more efficient and effective.

The objective is divided into two steps. The first step is dedicated to analyse the current technologies available for decontamination in order to optimise them as well as to search for a universal decontamination system against CB agents. The second step provides results related to the discovery of alternatives to reduce logistic fingerprint and a progressive substitution of water-based solutions with water-free systems.

In addition, key goal is the development of Terms of Reference defining an innovative Portfolio of projects concerning CBRN Hazard Management with the aim at proposing a tailored Action Plan for enhancing the EU autonomy.