Feasibility study and organisational analysis for the implementation of “Smart Borders”

Contracting Party: Italian Ministry of Interior – Public Security Department – Central Direction for Immigration and Border Police

Period: 2015

URL: http://formit.it/smartborders


Feasibility study for the implementation of the “National” component of the European iniziative “Smart Borders”, finalised at optimising service processes which take place at air and sea border crossings at the transit of passengers from/to Extra-Schenghen Countries. 
The intervention foresees inspections in the 30 main National ports and airports, in order to allow an onsite analysis of service processes, including the recognition of best practices and of possibile criticalities. Besides the organisational features, the intervention includes the scouting of information systems in use by Border Police Staff and the eleaboration of an hypothesis of their  upgrading, in line with Europen guidelines.