I-TOUR "intelligent Transport system for Optimised Urban trips"

Contracting Party: European Commission – DG Research

Period: 2010-2013

URL: www.itourproject.com

(il sito web riflette solo il punto di vista degli autori , la Commissione non è responsabile per qualsiasi uso che possa essere fatto delle informazioni ivi contenute)



i-Tour will develop an open framework to be used by different providers, authorities and citizens to provide intelligent multi-modal mobility services.

i-Tour client will support and suggest, in a user-friendly way, the use of different forms of transport (bus, car, railroad, tram, etc.) taking into account user preferences as well as real-time information on road conditions, weather, public transport network condition. To do so i-Tour promotes a new approach to data collection based on recommender system based on the information provided by the whole user community.

i-Tour mobility client applications will feature a very user-friendly interface accessible from PCs, PDAs and Smartphones. i-Tour clients are designed to promote use of public transport by encouraging sustainable travel choices and by providing rewarding mechanisms for users choosing public travel options. Sustainable travel preferences, e.g. measured in terms of C02 emission saved by using public transport, are rewarded, e.g. through free public transport tickets, thus promoting and encouraging environmental friendly travel behaviours.

The i-Tour project has received Community research funding.