Information and sensitization with Learning Management Environment to enhance the information process between Pollino Park Authority and its territory

Contracting party: Italian Ministry of Environment and Protection of Territory and Sea

Period: 2009


The project intends to sensitise to environment protection through an online educational and informational route using a learning management system platform.

The project is funded under the National Operational Program (PON) Security, it is supported by the Ministry of Environment and Protection of Territory and Sea (2000-2006) and carried out by FORMIT for Ente Parco del Pollino (Pollino Park Authority) and local territorial authorities. The project’s objective is to sensitise operators of local authorities and citizens to environmental prevention especially regarding hydrogeological instability caused criminal actions in order to strengthen the culture of legality culture and weaken criminality.

The LME platform offers a support service on specific sectors to registered users. Local Authorities officials and related operators have the opportunity to be in contact with 9 experts on line (i.e. università professors and public officials) answering their questions and giving them support/advice.

The specific sectors concerned: communication, environmental law, culture of prevention, with particular reference to hydrogeological instability caused by criminal acts.

The platform has built a network between local authorities, environmental associations, interest groups and citizens. Three workshops took place in the three provinces covered by the Pollino Park Authority to present the platform potentialities and the experts supporting the project took part at distance thanks to a web conference system.