Youth initiative: a framework for youth entrepreneurship

Contracting Party: The European Committee of the Regions (CoR)(with the Framework Contract EYCR – Education, Youth, Culture and Research)

Period: 2017



This study, co-authored by Progress Consulting S.r.l., investigates how youth entrepreneurship is promoted and boosted by local and regional authorities (LRAs).

The three main research questions addressed in this work include:

  1. "Which are the background conditions justifying the policy focus on youth entrepreneurship and influencing the participation of young people in the labour market?";
  2. "Which are the main measures adopted by LRAs to promote and boost youth entrepreneurship at the territorial level?";
  3. "Which are the main challenges and needs faced by LRAs in the promotion of youth entrepreneurship?".

The study includes an updated analytical overview of the framing conditions and builds on the collection of an inventory of 35 initiatives undertaken by LRAs across the EU. Six main categories of measures are analyzed in terms of challenges and needs met by subnational authorities. Finally, a set of recommendations is drawn based on the evidence collected.