Multidisciplinary research cooperation on information suppression and diaspoRa communitiES as a target of fOreign iNformation mAnipulation aNd inTerference - RESONANT

Contracting Party: European Commission through the Research Executive Agency (REA)

Period: 2023-2026



Foreign Information Manipulation and Interference (FIMI) including information suppression concern a series of threatening behaviours in the information domain and represents a major challenge, in terms of counteraction and the policy-making in this matter. Numerous FIMI operations carried out by state and non-state actors aim to domestically threaten fundamental rights and freedoms and could as well produce threatening effects in the respective countries and beyond. In fact, as a result of the continuous technological development, there has been an increase in FIMI operations from abroad and in their circulation within the EU Member States, having repercussions on individuals and the entire civil society, since it is difficult to recognise and identify the perpetration of such activities in the international scenario.

Against this backdrop, the three-year RESONANT project was funded in 2023 by the European Commission’s Horizon Europe programme. Coordinated by FORMIT, it aims to create a better picture and understanding of state and non-state actors applying information suppression and to recommend strategies, tools and methodologies to reduce the impact and the vulnerability of the target groups. In order to understand which actors use in a coordinated manner Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPS) of information suppression, RESONANT proposes to analyse information suppression incidents. Considering both the domestic and cross-border dimensions of information suppression, the project will also examine the mainly adopted TTPs, as well as the available tools for their detection and analysis. With the aim to enhance the knowledge regarding the effects of information suppression, RESONANT proposes an analysis of behavioural changes in the target groups as a result of information suppression and of the awareness and preparation of state authorities in terms of practical legal means. Furthermore, the project will propose the definition of a methodological toolkit and policy recommendations, as well as the organisation of table top exercises and focus group policy discussion, to address information suppression and FIMI. The research activities will finally result in the development of a handbook of methodologies and policy recommendations, contributing to communicate and disseminate practical means to counter information suppression and FIMI for the protection and security of citizens.

RESONANT brings together a Consortium of ten partners from seven countries highly specialised in FIMI and information suppression. The partnership includes law enforcement representatives, security partners, academic and research institutions, NGOs, and national authorities.