FORMIT Foundation holds Università degli Studi Internazionali in Rome - UNINT, a non-state institution of higher education authorized by D.M. 08.02.1996 , published in the O.G. 204 del 31-08-1996. UNINT was founded in 1996 in Rome by the Institute of Political Studies “San Pio V” with the name "Libera Università San Pio V"

In March 2013, the University adopted the current name of “University of International Studies of Rome – UNINT” to underline the global nature of its educational offer , which led the expansion of the teachings of the study languages ( Arabic, Chinese, French , English , Portuguese, Brazilian, Russian , Spanish and  German ), at their extension to all degree courses as an essential element of the training program and at the creation of numerous opportunities for training and internship abroad. This change was promoted by FORMIT. Inspired by principles of high quality, efficiency and cost management, FORMIT since 2011 manages the University. FORMIT supports the University’s innovation processes, which ranks as an excellence in research and languages teaching, with the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting. The University can also count on a internationally oriented Faculty of Economics.