Opening Conference of the EUCONCIP project - Rome, October 20th 2015

The EUCONCIP Opening Conference, held in Rome, on October 20th 2015, had the main goal to present the EUCONCIP project and the upcoming activities addressed to the European community of stakeholders interested in protecting critical infrastructures.

EUCONCIP is a European network (Co-funded by the Prevention, Preparedness and Consequence Management of Terrorism and other Security-related Risks Programme of the European Union) aiming at connecting stakeholders in the field of Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) and fostering cross-sector and cross-country cooperation. EUCONCIP involves public and private organizations, associations and individuals with expertise in the field of CIP through tailored activities such as working groups, workshops and conferences.

The EUCONCIP Opening Conference, organized by FORMIT, was focused on the presentation of the main applicable outcomes of ongoing and recently concluded CIP projects and on the discussion of upcoming research and cooperation opportunities. With about 60 participants and 18 projects presented, the EUCONCIP Opening Conference represented a unique networking occasion for the European CIP community to share experiences and to get in touch with relevant end-users in order to explore also  Horizon2020 opportunities.