FORMIT Services is born from the will of the FOundation for Research on the Migration and Integration of Technologies (FORMIT) to create a highly specialized structure for monitoring activities and management in the ICT field.

Focusing specialized resources and the know-how gained in the largest size public bargains of monitoring sector, FORMIT constitute a new legal/organizational subject, called FORMIT Services, intellectually independent and autonomous from the industrial component.  

FORMIT Services focused its efforts supplying high references services achieving in the June the 2000 to be a member of AIPA register for the certificated and qualified societies to carry out monitoring activities both of planning and distribution for Public Administrations.

As Italian market leader in its sector, both in the 2001 and in the 2002 it was awarded as the first society for the amount of ICT monitoring' in the public sector, becoming in the 2003 a Public limited company.  

Foundation FORMIT played a decisive role to gain and develop the worth of its professional experiences, hold today by FORMIT Services. As Moral Agency recognized by the Ministry of the University and Scientific and Technological Research (MURST), it has operated until now for long time to select and develop as well professionalism as competences of reference for the Public Administrations market.